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Solutions extending beyond 1173 meters

Fiber Connections has solutions for media conversion, power over Ethernet and PoE+ – in compact, easy to install packages.

As part of our Media Conversion & PoE solutions, we have designed media converters for installation in racks, on DIN rails or, in the case of the GatorLink, pretty much anywhere! Our solutions take PoE beyond the 350 feet (100 meter) distance that has traditionally limited Power over Ethernet installations.

For the longest distances, the single port GatorLink source and remote combination can be used to extend PoE up to 1173 meters. Simply plug in a 1 port source GatorLink at the equipment end, a 1 port remote GatorLink at the device end and install one length (up to 3,840 feet) of hybrid fiber/copper cable. As simple as 1, 2 3.

Finally, if you just need a media converter, our skinny one port GatorLinks can be configured to handle your single mode or multimode media conversion needs, without PoE, for 10/100 Mb/s or 1000 Mb/s data requirements.

4U Power Patch Panel
4 Port GatorLink
1 Port GatorLink with  Power Cord

Current Options

  • 10/100/1000 Mb/sec
  • 10/100 Mb/sec
  • Single mode or multimode
  • fiber
  • LC, SC, MPO fiber
  • connector options
  • RJ45 copper connection
  • compliant – POE version
  • compliant for PoE+ option
  • PoE distances up to 3850 feet!
  • Fiber link ‘pass-through’ option
  • on multi-port GatorLinks
  • 1 to 6 ports per unit

Rack mounted media converters are available with or without power injection for a Power over Ethernet application. They are housed in our specially designed power patch panels that provide slots for power supplies and media converter modules. Power patch panel units can be designed with a single power supply or add a 2nd for redundancy. The remaining positions in the 4U or 2U versions are used for the media modules.

When selecting a copper/fiber media converter, we offer a seamless transition and the ability to take your data out to extended distances. At the remote end, the GatorLink provides the perfect solution for extending Power over Ethernet beyond 100 meters. Whether you are taking PoE to security cameras, wireless access points, VoIP phones or access controls, GatorLink can be easily installed without adding a power outlet.

We take power from the equipment room end all the way to your remote locations – saving you installation costs and allowing you to place equipment exactly where you need it. This also provides a single location for your back up power as well – protecting your network in a cost effective way. Of course, if you have power at your remote location, we have a GatorLink that can be plugged in as well.