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The GatorLink is our patented, fiber/copper media converter and Power over Ethernet extension.

This configurable, easy to install solution, provides for single fiber and multi-fiber connections and standard RJ45 copper connections. The GatorLink can also be configured with a combination of media converters and fiber ‘pass-through’ links, offering complete network design flexibility.

The GatorLink is part of our Media Conversion & PoE solutions – taking PoE or PoE+ well beyond the current 100 meter limitations. GatorLinks can be configured as part of a larger Chameleon network or used a source and remote version for a simple point-to-point solution.

Like so many things we do at Fiber Connections, the GatorLink is always able to be customized to fit your specific needs. Anything from 1-6 ports, combinations of media converters and PoE extensions, locally or remotely powered, pass-through fiber options, different data rates on each port – whatever your network needs, we can put together.

1-port GatorLink
Custom 4-port GatorLinks w/2 pass-through fiber ports
4-port GatorLink w/ 2 fiber pass-through ports
4-port GatorLink detail


  • LC and MTP fiber connector options
  • Standard RJ45 copper interface
  • Easy installation anywhere, DIN rail option available
  • PoE and PoE+ available
  • 10/100/1000Mb/s auto negotiated
  • 100Mb/s or 1000Mb/s fiber data rate
  • Powered with power supply or hybrid fiber/power cable
  • Up to 4 media converters per unit
  • Multimode or single mode fiber
  • ‘Pass through’ fiber options


  • Security camera networks
  • Wireless Access
  • Access Controls
  • VoIP phones and Fiber to the
  • Workstation
  • Secure government networks

Where to use GatorLink

  • IP Security cameras in parking facilities
  • College/University campuses
  • “Big Box” stores
  • Data Centers
  • Office buildings
  • Traffic management
  • Government/Municipal buildings
  • Airports
  • Shopping malls
  • Train/bus terminals

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