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Fiber Connections offers a wide array of fiber management and distribution hardware to meet every application.



Fiber Connections’ GatorPatch™ is a factory terminated patch panel that is compact, durable and secure. Its simple plug in and play design eliminates the need for site terminations – resulting in fast, cost effective installations. The rugged, modular design of the GatorPatch is especially suitable for ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) and DOT applications. Use GatorPatch for your initial fiber installation or for emergency network repairs, additions or changes.

GatorPatch is available with any multimode or single mode fiber and with ST, SC or LC connectors. The tail end of the assembly can be pre-terminated with an MTP® connector/adapter combination for fast and reliable connectivity, or it can be left as a pigtail and ready to splice into your existing fiber plant. The GatorPatch™ easily mounts on a variety of hardware devices such as wall mount boxes, outdoor enclosures and power poles. Its rugged modular construction allows for reconfigurations, additions, moves, and changes to be completed with greater ease and in less time than traditional, rack or wall mounted enclosures.

The GatorPatch is available with up to 12 fibers in our ‘skinny’ form or with 24 fibers in a ‘wide body’ housing. This field termination solution can save hours of installation time and provides the reliable performance that is guaranteed with a factory terminated and tested product.


  • Fast, Easy Installation – minimizes installation costs
  • Pre-terminated and tested eliminates on site termination and testing
  • Rugged Construction mounts almost anywhere
  • Durable and Secure
  • Epoxy filled for ultimate rodent protection
  • ROHS compliant

The GatorPatches are better than sliced bread. I plan on using them for the rest of our fiber projects.” J. R., Traffic Supervisor, Lawrence KS

We have 30 GatorPatches in Tempe and about 165 on the Light Rail Project. There have been no failures…” Jim, City of Tempe, AZ

Learn more:
Industrial GatorPatch data sheet

Industrial GatorPatch

After repeated requests to develop a GatorPatch with IP67 rated connectors, we have just introduced this newest version. After 2 successful Beta trials, this harsh environment solution is now available. The Industrial GatorPatch uses an industry standard IP67 rated MPO connector to bring 12 fibers in and ODVA LC connectors to distribute 6 pairs of fibers. An optional cover is available for added protection.

Learn more:
GatorPatch data sheet

Contact us to discuss your harsh environment application.


Rack Mounted Enclosures

Fiber Connections’ new line of harware provides a variety of options for patching only or patch and splice requirements. We offer 1U, 2U , 3U and 4U rack mount panels with a variety of adapter plates, splice trays or pre-terminated fiber distribution modules.

1U – up to 36 fibers
2U – up to 72 fibers

4U – up to 144 fibers

The enclosures are made from 16 gauge, heavy duty steel with a durable, powdercoat paint finish.


  • Fast and easy installation – minimize installation labor costs and lead time
  • FDMs or adapter plates can be factory installed – fast set-up and changes
  • Easy access to front and rear connectors for cable attachment
  • Space and fiber management designed for patching only or splice and patch options
  • Quick delivery
  • ROHS compliant

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Rack Mounted 1U Enclosure data sheet
Rack Mounted 4U Enclosure data sheet
Rack Mounted 2U Enclosure data sheet
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f24_48fwall mount

Wall Mounted Enclosures

Fiber Connections’ Wall Mounted Fiber Optic Enclosures are ideal for telecommunications closets where rack space is not available. The enclosures provide easy access and options for splice and terminate or simply terminate and patch.

Wall Mounted enclosures are constructed from heavy duty 16 gauge with a powdercoat paint finish for durability. Single door and 2 door options are available with optional locks.


  • Lockable for added security
  • All types of fiber optic adapter plates are available for mounting in these units
  • Available Preloaded – Installs quickly with few tools
  • Cable Entry with grommets – Protects cables from damage
  • Internal Cable Management
  • ROHS compliant

Learn more:
Wall Mount Enclosures data sheet

Fiber Distribution Modules – FDMs

Fiber Distribution Modules save time and money by reducing field termination time by up to 90%. The simple “plug in and play” feature of Fiber Connections’ Fiber Distribution Modules (FDMs), eliminates the need for on-site termination of fiber optic cables.
Our FDMs are designed to provide a compact and secure modular cabling system that is compatible with our Rack Mount Housings. The MTP® connector is located on the rear of each module for easy access when using pre-terminated MTP® Cable Assemblies.
FDMs are available with any standard 50/125µm (OM2, OM3 or OM4), 62.5/125µm and single mode fiber. We offer standard SC, LC, MTRJ, FC and ST front panel adapters and 12 or 24 fiber MTPs in the rear.


  • Distribute MTP® trunk cables to your choice of single fiber connectors
  • Multimode and Single mode available
  • Fast and easy to install – Minimize installation cost
  • Modular – Capacity can be added as needed
  • Compact – Up to 48 fibers in a 1U panel, up to 288 in a 4U panel
  • Flexible – Easily change connector types and system configurations
  • Pre-tested – Guarantees low loss

Learn more:
FDM data sheet