Multi-fiber connectors are a key component in several of our product lines.

Fiber Connections makes a wide range of cable assemblies with MTP® connectors. We offer standard and elite ferrules, 24 fiber options and even some special optical performance requirements like multimode connectors with -40dB back reflection specs.

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MTP® connectors are also the basis for many of our active and passive products, including FDMs (fiber distribution modules) and media converters.

Our Fiber Distribution products bring in 6-24 fiber MTP® connectors and connect each fiber to an individual connector of your choice for easy patching and network distribution.

Some of our media converter modules take multi-fiber MTPs to connect on the optical end, providing a compact, easy to plug into solution.

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MTP is a trademark of USConec
ODVA Industrial MTP® Assembly
MTP® connection into FDM