Adding security cameras?

GatorLink brings it together


Extend PoE beyond 90 meters!

You may be adding security cameras to your office building or constructing a new parking garage. Perhaps you are installing the security system in a distribution center or adding cameras to an airport security network. Whatever your application, our Media Conversion & PoE Extension system can provide the network components to reach your IP cameras and configure your equipment closet – using our unique line of optical and electrical components.

A typical security camera installation would start with a power patch panel in the equipment room. We supply pre-terminated, hybrid cables with both fiber and copper ready to connect. This cable design provides a simple, one pull solution to our GatorLink units, which can be located almost 5000 meters from the ‘head end’.

A UTP (CAT 5 or 6) cable connection from the GatorLink to the camera, up to 90 meters away, completes the connection.

This provides power and data for your entire system. With all the options available, an extended media conversion and PoE solution can easily be custom designed for your specific network needs.

Fiber Connections now offers an outdoor (IP67) rated GatorLink for outdoor and harsh environment applications.

OVERVIEW: Security Camera Applications
Security applications include:
  • parking garages
  • college campus security
  • data center security
  • office buildings
  • warehouse locations
  • box store camera and APs
  • airports and transit stations
  • retail spaces


Sample Network:

In this network example, we take security cameras to a multi-story parking garage – to be positioned in various locations on each floor.

There are 8 cameras on the first floor and 6 each on the 2nd and 3rd floor. The equipment room is in the security office near the monitoring station.

point to point PoE

Configure your equipment…

Description Qty. Part Number
#1 4U Power Patch Panel 1 PP4UT00-001
#2 Power Supply Module 2 PS5600250AN-001
#3 4-port Media Module, OM3 MTP-RJ45 6 MM40F009M0B-001
#4 Blank Panels 4 FCP3922BP-1
#5 OM3 Hybrid cable, 8F, 4x12AWG, XX Meters 6 HR129EM3FM30B001-XX
#6 GatorLink 4-port Media Converter 6 GR40FPS9M0B-001
#7 UTP cable to each camera 20 Customer choice
#8 IP security cameras (PoE) 20 Customer choice

System Components


Power Patch Panel – Holds up to 288 fibers and provides central media conversion and power to the entire network. Available in 2U and 4U sizes, each accepting slide in Power Supply and Media modules. 2U panel will accommodate up to 2 power supply modules and 4U will accommodate up to 3 which provides up to 500 and 750 watts of power respectively. Media Modules can be configured many different ways with respect to port count, fiber type, connector types and network speeds.


Hybrid cables – Fiber for data and copper for power – all in one easy to install package. Cables are available in various fiber/copper configurations and can be pre-terminated in our factory with various connector types. Some cable configurations can be terminated on site.


GatorLink – Brings media conversion and PoE to your remote devices. The GatorLink is available in many different configurations with respect to port count, fiber type, connector types and network speeds.

Technical Information

Standards: IEEE 802.3i/u/ab/z; PoE IEEE 802.3af; PoE+ IEEE 802.3at

Power Source: 95-240VAC External power supply: 1.5 watts/media converter channel and 0-16 watts/channel passed to PoE peripherals

Copper Port: 10/100Mb/s half or full duplex, auto negotiated

Fiber Port: 100Mb/s or 1000Mb/s half or full duplex, MM or SM fiber

Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C / extended version: -40 to +50°C

Storage Temperature: -25 to +85°C; 0- 90% non-condensing humidity

Safety Compliance: ANSI/UL 60950-1; Radiation: CFR FCC Part 15 Subpart B

PoE: 44-56VDC in PoE (15W), PoE+(30w) and PoE++(60w) power outputs, PD detection for safety, over current protection.

Indicators: Power on LED; Fiber link/activity LED for each channel; Copper link/activity LED for each channel, PoE active

ROHS Compliant

Options Abound

  • Available with all standard fiber types
  • Fiber connector options include MTP, LC and hybrid IP-ONE
  • Add a redundant power supply for extra protection
  • Supports PoE, PoE+ and PoE++
  • Indoor and outdoor options
  • Various hybrid cable configurations available

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