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Trust the genuine Gator Patch™ for all of your fiber distribution needs.

The Gator Patch™ is a unique, rugged, factory terminated fiber distribution solution. Easy to install in the field, this patented product has been used extensively all across the globe in a wide range of applications such as ITS (transportation), industrial, power utility, etc. With such a wide array of fiber and connector options, the Gator Patch is THE product to use for pre-terminated “plug & play” applications. The Gator Patch is manufactured and tested to the highest industry standards right here in our state of the art, North American manufacturing facility.

The Gator Patch can be configured with almost any combination of fiber type, fiber count, connector type and cable design.

The original Gator Patch is typically used in a semi protected environment since the connector ports are not IP67 rated (water/dust proof). The Industrial Gator Patch can be installed almost anywhere since it uses more robust IP67 rated connectors.


Key Features

  • Installs quickly in outdoor enclosures, pedestals, and equipment racks at zero RU
  • Factory terminated and 100% tested
  • Available in many cable and connector configurations
  • Available as a pigtail for splicing or pre-terminated for plug & play applications
  • Slim body design is potted for additional ruggedness
  • Custom designs available upon request
  • -40°C to +70°C operating temperature
  • Manufactured in North America for quick turn around
  • Up to 24 fibers in a single GatorPatch


  • ITS (transportation)
  • Alternative energy (wind/ solar)
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Industrial
  • Cellular
  • Quick deployment
  • Disaster recovery