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Fiber Optic Cleaning Products

The Optipop and IBC dry cloth cleaning systems, are the most advanced fiber tip cleaning products available today. The unique, densely woven micro-fiber cloth provides superior cleaning performance while minimizing static charge, ensuring that debris is not instantly attracted back onto the fiber tips like with other cleaning tools.

Today’s optical networking components require minimal insertion loss and back reflection - so quick, reliable cleaning solutions are a must. Fiber tips containing even trace amounts of debris not only suffer from power degradation but also an increased likelihood of permanent damage when mated.

We carry a variety of solutions that make it easy to clean most fiber connector types, and in any fiber or lens cleaning situation. The cost and performance of these cleaning tools make them an easy choice over competitive solutions.


  • Minimizes static attraction
  • Ultra clean micro-fiber cloth
  • captures debris and other
  • contamination
  • The cloth is robust, it does
  • not fray or leave any fibrous
  • materials behind
  • The most cost effective
  • high-end cleaning solution
  • available
Fiber Connections offers the following
types of fiber optic cleaning products:
Cassette style
and refills
Card cleaners
for field
Stick style
IBC bulkhead/

Our more popular fiber optic cleaning products - Cross-reference list
Our PN Manufacturer Ref. PN Description cleanings per unit
CLN0409-11USConec6063Optipop pipe cleaners, 1.25mm600
CLN0409-12USConec6064Optipop pipe cleaners, 2.5mm200
CLN0409-2USConec6338Optipop cassette, single fiber and female MT400+
CLN0409-7USConec6367Optipop card cleaner, single and duplex connectors120
CLN0409-1USConec7104IBC brand MPO, male and female, connector/adapter600
CLN0409-9USConec7892Neoclean 1.25mm stick cleaner250
CLN0409-10USConec7893Neoclean 2.5mm stick cleaner250
CLN0409-13USConec8247IBC brand cleaner, OptiTip, male, female MT600
CLN0409-18USConec12835Neoclean, refillable, SC/FC, 2.5mm, connector/adapter750
CLN0409-19USConec12836Neoclean, refillable, LC, 1.25mm, connector/adapter750
CLN0409-20USConec12837Refills for CLN0409-18 (3 pack)750 x 3
CLN0409-21USConec12838Refills for CLN0409-19 (3 pack)750 x 3
CLN0409-30USConec13965IBC Zi125, LC and MU, PC and APC, connector/adapter525+
CLN0409-31USConec14303IBC brand, LC duplex, PC and APC, connector/adapter1050+
More cleaning products, refills and other package quantities are also available - contact us for details

Mode Conditioning Patchcords

Mode conditioning patch cords are required where Gigabit 1000 Base-LX routers and switches are installed into existing multimode cable plants. These specialized cords help avoid Differential Mode Delay (DMD) effects that can occur when long wave transceiver modules operate at both single-mode and multimode wave lengths. The mode conditioning patch cord causes the single-mode transceiver to create a launch similar to a typical multimode launch. The single-mode/multimode side is plugged directly into the equipment. The duplex multimode side of the patch cord is plugged into the cable plant side.

Our mode conditioning patch cords are custom made with any combination of ST, SC, LC, or MTRJ connectors at each end. A standard singlemode fiber is offset to a multimode fiber on one leg while the other leg consists of a multimode fiber. Our mode conditioning device is a permanent, low loss, option that will never require additional calibration.

Our mode conditioning patch cords are compatible with 850nm or 1300nm Gigabit Ethernet on standard multimode fiber, and also can handle VCSEL laser source into standard multimode fiber. They are built to the IEEE802.3z standard.

Learn more about Mode Conditioning Patchcords

OTDR Launch Boxes

OTDR Launch Boxes and Portable Launch Cords provide a calibrated span of optical fiber to evaluate near-end connectors and anomalies in network fiber systems. The assembly is placed between the system under test and an OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) to improve the OTDR’s ability to identify passive system components and abnormalities during system qualification and troubleshooting.

Full-Featured Design Offers Maximum Protection & Versatility Our full-featured Launch Box design stores the cable assembly in a lightweight, rugged transit case that protects the sensitive optical components against harsh outside environments. For long haul testing, Fiber Connections’ Launch Boxes are capable of holding single-mode or multimode fiber lengths up to 25km. The Portable Launch Cord is a portable, lightweight unit capable of holding up to 500mtrs. Custom lengths and various connector styles are available.

Get the Whole Picture An OTDR’s inability to “see” near-end fiber optic connectors at the patch panel, and often the first few meters of fiber, severely reduces the effectiveness of testing efforts. This is due to the relatively slow recovery time of laser pulses reflecting off the OTDR bulkhead connector and subsequently being displayed on the monitor. Using a properly calibrated length of fiber with high quality components can solve the problem.

The Problem with Fusion Splicing Unlike most OTDR launch boxes, our cords are directly connectorized to provide a continuous, high-quality link for OTDR testing. A fused pigtail within several meters of each connector tip cannot be independently identified on the OTDR and increases the apparent loss of each connector. This reduces the near-end measurement accuracy of the OTDR. Fiber Connections’ Launch Boxes and Portable Launch Cords are splice free to deliver optimum test results.

Learn more about OTDR Launch Boxes

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