Outdoor GatorLink

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Take PoE anywhere with our IP67 rated GatorLink. Installation in harsh environments has never been easier!

OVERVIEW: Outdoor GatorLink

The Outdoor GatorLink is based on the original GatorLink concept of having a remote media converter and PoE extender that is powered remotely from your head end using a unique hybrid cabling system. This version takes that concept to a whole new level in that the device is completely IP67 rated for installation in harsh environments. No more NEMA enclosures make installation quick and easy. The hybrid cable connection is made even easier than before using a unique new IP67 connector that combines both the copper conductors and fiber connectors in a single robust housing. The RJ45 connection from the GatorLink to your PoE device is made with industry standard ODVA RJ45 connectors.

1-Port-Industrial-Gator-Link-64 This new configuration also boasts increased PoE distances with its state of the art range boosting technology. It also has built in heavy duty surge suppression to deal with transient surges that may occur for any number of reasons.

The system is fully compatible with our Power Patch Panel head end system for larger projects and can also be configured to work with single port source GatorLinks for smaller ones.