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OVERVIEW: Industrial Gator Patch

After repeated requests to develop a Gator Patch™ with IP67 rated connections, we developed the Industrial Gator Patch which was able to accommodate up to 12 fibers per unit. This product initially found its niche in FTTA (fiber to the antenna) applications where we now have thousands of these products in service throughout North America. The list of applications where it can be utilized has grown to included everything from mining, disaster recovery, FTTH (fiber to the home) and more.  Building on the success of the 12 fiber Industrial Gator Patch, we are now offering a new version that can accommodate up to 24 fibers.  These ruggedized Industrial Gator Patches are typically configured with an Industrial MPO input connection and ODVA LC output connections, however it can also be configured with a hard wired trunk cable in place of the MPO connection.

At Fiber Connections, we pride ourselves on our ability to quickly and efficiently customize our products and solutions to meet the demands of our customers.  Contact us to discuss your harsh environment application.Industrial-GatorPatch_FCP9329-2-7

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