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Our active and passive fiber products are often the ideal solution for many different network applications.

Provided here is some application specific information for various media converter and/or Power over Ethernet network environments as well as some unique connectivity solutions.


Security Camera Applications

Security Camera Applications Review of a network of several IP security cameras installed in a 3 level parking garage. Cameras as far as 1000 meters from the equipment room do not need local power installed.

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Fiber to the Desk

Whether you are bringing fiber to the work area for VoIp phones or thin clients or you just need the security that fiber optics brings to your network, Fiber to the Desk (FTTD) can be accomplished and those annoying ‘wall-warts’ can be eliminated.

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Fiber Optics and Intelligent Transportation (ITS)

A discussion of applications within the ITS market for fiber optic based communications and the use of the GatorPatch within these applications. Helpful information for anyone interested in understanding the reasons for using fiber based solutions for ITS projects.

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